PT. Corpec Inspeksi Utama has in depth knowledge about the regulation is needed in the pharmaceutical industries (FDA ,USP 36,WHO TRS 929,ISPE 2011, BP POM, ASME BPE 2010, and ASME Code), so the products that is produced will meet the quality standard including functionality and documentation are need such as Design Qualification(DQ), Installation qualification (IQ) and Operating Qualification (OQ).

Scope of Supply:

As Turnkey Project

  • Water Treatment & Purified Water Generator
  • Purified Water Loop System
  • Water For Injection Loop System
  • Pure Steam Distribution System
  • Oral Liquid Mixing System
  • CIP Systems
  • Small Volume Parentheral (SVP) Mixing System
  • Large Volume Parentheral (LVP) Mixing System
  • Alcohol Distribution System
  • Sorbitol Distribution System

As Single Product

  • Stainless Steel Storage Tank
  • Stainless Steel Mixing Tank
  • Agitator
  • Homogenizer

As service & maintenance

  • Upgrade PLC Automation
  • Supply Spare part for Project on going or existing equipment
  • Contract Maintenance
  • Passivating Work
  • Boroscope & X-Ray Work
  • Piping Installation as Manual or Orbital Welding
  • Repair Tank

As Engineering Design

  • Consulting for Mechanical, Electrical and Process Design